Dear Clients,

Over the past several years a number of you have expressed your displeasure with and difficulty in using our Zoom Grants on line application process. In response to your concerns, we are moving our web based protocol to Survey Monkey, the leader in online survey development and cloud based software, with 40+ million customers. Over the past few months, we have been refining our approach to facilitate your use of our platform. To that end, we have expanded our program offerings from four to seven different initiatives: Research, Educational Support, Clinical Support, Event Support, Continuing Medical Education Support, Faculty Support and Student Support. These offerings, previously more broadly grouped, will allow you to more precisely determine what area your application falls within, more specifically define the subtle aspects of your strategy, and generally provide a more focused approach for both you and us.

Our implementation schedule is as follows:

• Suspending new Letters of Intent and Applications in Zoom Grants on June 22nd

• Open the Survey Monkey portal on July 15th

• The link to Survey Monkey will be available on this website on that same day.

We apologize for this 23-day gap in your ability to apply for grants. During this period, we need to extract our six years of data from Zoom Grants, move our current active grants over to Survey Monkey, as well as many other related tasks that will enable us to continue in our efforts to provide a better service product to you our valued clients.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Lori Albert, 216-264-4159
David Nicolanti, 216-513-8600

We are all very excited to be providing these expanded services and hope to hear a lot of positive comments from you about them as we continue to grow.

David Nicolanti, Executive Director